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This site came to be because I started seeing too many (to me, one is too many) of these new, virtually undetectable marked police cars on the roads.

It started a few years ago in Oregon, when I was noticing that the Marion County Sherriff's office was using unmarked Mustang GTs, and the emergency lights were so completely integrated that you couldn't tell them apart from a regular Mustang. What's worse is they were also running civilian license plates.

It's one thing to run regular unmarked cars... the typical Crown Victoria or Dodge Charger, which is easy to spot due to the wheels, tires, one or more antenna on the roof, and often, the A-pillar spotlight. But to completely hide absolutely reeks of entrapment. The police will claim that it's to target "aggressive" drivers, yet in my experience, these so-called aggressive drivers are simply people who do not believe in the status quo and are fed up with the total lack of lane discipline and trying to deal with people who spend more time paying attention to everything but their driving. Furthermore, ticketing these drivers isn't going to change their behavior at all. It really comes down to revenue, which is all speed enforcement is about anyway.

Some police departments are also running what they call "ghost" cars. They're marked cars, but the decals do not contrast with the color of the vehicle and are very hard to spot at a distance. Only at night are they apparent, since they're reflective. To me, this is little different than an unmarked car.

I remember years ago seeing a news story where a Florida Highway Patrol officer was bragging about their new "low profile light bars" and how hard they were to see at a distance. Couple that with how FHP paints their cars -- tan on top, brown on the bottom), and they blend in perfectly in the median, especially when parked under or near an overpass. Again, it reeks of entrapment

After moving to Phoenix six months ago, I started noticing a lot of unmarked Chevy Tahoes running around. Most were dark gray, but I've also seen them in white and light beige metallic. They aren't totally invisible, but are close. They often have a single antenna on the roof, dark tinted windows, and their license plates start with "CH-". I'm still figuring out the plate numbering here, but I know that actual marked cars usually have plates that start with "G-".

I firmly believe that it should be illegal for unmarked cars of any type to be used for traffic enforcement. Furthermore, all marked police cars should be required by law to be brightly colored, because they're EMERGENCY VEHICLES. They don't need to be trying to hide in plain sight. Again, it only reinforces the fact that traffic enforcement is more about revenue than safety.


Pretty much ever since I started driving, I have had a very negative opinion of cops. Unfortunately, they bring it on themselves. I've found that most of the time, they act like bullies. They talk down to you. I can almost always spot an off-duty cop by the way he acts. He has a superiority complex. Cops treat everybody as if they're a criminal. And I get really tired of the apologists making excuses for them with stuff like, "Well, they deal with such bad people, is it any wonder?" Actually, yes! They are there to serve and protect US, but that isn't how it comes across. Instead, they serve and protect themselves and the government, since their primary role is to generate revenue.

What's worse, is that I've heard from more than one source, they are trained to act this way. They're also trained to lie to obtain convictions, at least in terms of traffic convictions. This is because, they're told, "everybody breaks the law at some point, so even if it wasn't necessarily the case now, they have before and not gotten caught. So they deserve it." What a load of crap. For one, there are so many laws on the books, many of which are completely unknown to the average person, that you can be pulled over and ticketed at any time for just about any reason. And yet cops will make up reasons to pull somebody over. And, in court, the judge will take their word 99.9% of the time.

I have had firsthand personal experience with a cop lying to get a conviction. I won't document it here, at least not yet; I'm actually working on a book about police abuse and related topics.

The last thing we need are power-hungry cops with even more power -- running around in completely unmarked, virtually undetectable police cars. While I don't think there is a specific law against it (yet), there is already a lot of concern over increasing government surveillance... mostly electronic, but I count this as well. Unless we stand up and fight it, it will continue to get worse and worse.

Even outside of traffic enforcement, my opinion of cops isn't that high. In the year 2000 in California, my house was burglarized. The cops came, and in the middle of trying to lift fingerprints from a window, they got a, "more imporant call," and left, never to return. With help from my neighbor, we figured out who the burglar was, and I gave evidence to the local police department, and they did nothing with it. It could have been an open and shut case for them.

Another example.. in Oregon in 2010, I was involved in a hit and run by a driver from Washington state. I reported it to the police, who came out and acted all interested. They tracked the guy down and got his insurance information for me, BUT THEY DIDN'T CHARGE HIM OR EVEN TICKET HIM. WTF? They totally dropped the ball.

Now, I'm no "BLM" (Black Lives Matter) supporter. I don't believe they're all racists and should die. I know that cops put their lives in danger every day. My problem is with how they treat the general public. The general public, at least the general motoring public, has an adversarial relationship with cops because of unrealistic traffic laws, particuarly speed limits. I've noticed far too many people driving around staring at their dashboards (the ones not staring at their phones), likely because they fear getting a speeding ticket. This doesn't help anybody. The police should be going after the actual problem drivers and not the ones that might be going faster than other cars. There's not a damn thing wrong with it; this notion that everybody has to be going the same speed is total BS, and one look at Europe's roads will prove that. So between the way cops are trained and the fact that they are more servants of local government than of the people has a lot to do with these problems.

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