Unmarked Cop Cars Registry

Informing Motorists of Predatory Police Cars


Here's where you can do your part. If you know of any unmarked police cars, you can submit information about them here! You can include photos too. Please note that all submissions will be validated before being accepted, and repeatedly bogus submissions will end being blocked from the site. The goal here is to help the public avoid bogus traffic stops and tickets. But the reason for asking for your email address is so you can edit your submissions later. So for example, if you post about an unmarked car but don't have a complete license plate, you can come back later and update it.

In the interest of anonymity, I do not request any information about you other than your email address. I will NEVER disclose it, and have a script in place to wipe all email addresses from the submission database to protect you. I have no doubt that various police departments and government agencies will try to shut this site down for various reasons, and I will do my best to keep it up no matter what.

Email Address
Year (guess if you have to)
Color (if not in list, above)
License Plate
Agency (If known)
Confirmed? (you're sure it's actually a cop car)
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