Unmarked Cop Cars Registry

Informing Motorists of Predatory Police Cars

The goal is to help educate the public of these predators on our roadways. The police have no business using unmarked cars, ESPECIALLY high performance cars, for traffic enforcement. If they actually wanted people to slow down, a marked unit would do a lot more good. This only helps to prove that it's more about revenue than safety.

Think of it this way: If the police have to hide in unmarked cars in order to "catch" people, then maybe there's a problem with these so-called laws that are being enforced.

We welcome submissions about unmarked cop cars from any state. Please provide as much detail as possible. If you can get photos, even better.

To submit a listing for unmarked cop cars in your area, please visit our Contribute page.

As I have time, this site will grow to add more features. I do it on my own time, so please be patient! If you have suggestions, please visit the Contact page.

Just like regular tickets, photo tickets are total revenue scam: Tips for Beating Photo Tickets in Arizona!

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